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Helpful guides for non techies by a non techie or how to make technology actually useful.

Keep in mind

If you come back here a day, a week or a month from now and the website is down. A. An excavator working in the neighborhood ripped out fiber from the ground trying to fix a leaking gas pipe. Yes, this has happened before. B. Power outage. Happens to everybody, nothing we can do about it. C. I’m building new database docker container, the system crashed or something similar is going on at the moment. What can I say, work in progress… The good news is that the website will be back up soon. Why? Well, that is quite simple. This website is running on a Raspberry Pi.

What helpful guides can i find here

You will not be able to find detailed instructions on how to use the newest set of emojis on your shiny new gadget. What you can find here are step-by-step guides on how to set up a web server on a pocket-sized computer. How to access and stream music on your computer from anywhere in the world, or how to install internet ad blocker for all devices. You will not find out which Linux distribution is the best but I can tell you which was easiest to setup. Interested? Check out few of the latest guides below or visit the blog page.

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